We Provide Septic Tank Servicing in the Gladstone Region

Maintenance of Septic Tank — Septic Tank Cleaning in Gladstone, QLD

Septic tank cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning your septic tank regularly is ideal for a healthy and efficient system. At Parkers Liquid Waste, we provide regular cleaning and maintenance of commercial and residential septic tanks throughout Bundaberg, Gladstone, Rockhampton and everywhere in-between.

Wet spots, foul odours and slow drains are the signs that your septic tank needs cleaning or repairing. Our team will clean your tank and inspect it for any issues, repair it and re seal if necessary, and then refill once it’s all done.

We have a sealed vacuum tanker, which transports the septic tank waste to the nearest Waste Treatment Plant for safe disposal. We are an approved Environmental Protection Authority waste transporter complying with set standards and regulations.

Is your septic tank overflowing?? We offer emergency call-outs to all areas of the Gladstone region. All urgent pump outs are done on the same day.

There are simple steps to avoid problems with a septic tank:

The cost of pumping out a septic tank varies according to the size and location. To avoid costly repairs and replacement of your pumps, call Parkers Liquid Waste for a free quote.