We Provide Grease Trap Removal
in the Gladstone Region

Water Removal Tools — Grease Traps in Gladstone, QLD

Prevent your grease trap from blocking by emptying it every 1–3 months. Parkers Liquid Waste provides cleaning and removal of grease traps, oily water and grey water tanks.

Our high-powered vacuum truck will remove the grease allowing us to scrape down the grease trap walls. We will then give you a full report on the condition of your grease trap after completion.

We also pump out oily water generated by businesses such as auto shops and car washes. Oily water removal should be done every 3–6 months to avoid hassle.

Avoid blockages and odour by cleaning your grey water tank. This type of tank holds greywater, which exits shower, bath, laundry sink and washing machine. It is recommended to clean grey water tanks every 6–12 months.

For residential, commercial and industrial pump-outs call us today. Our service areas include Gladstone, Bundaberg and Rockhampton.